Approaching Drug Abuse Prevention in a Loved One

Drug abuse is a huge problem in the United States, and like many problems, one of the easiest ways to prevent it from happening is to make sure that the issue is talked about openly with loved ones. Just like sex, guns, peer pressure and other issues that loved ones might face, drug abuse prevention is an important subject to talk about. No matter how awkward it might be for the person that’s doing the talking.

Education About Drug Abuse Prevention

The first step in drug abuse prevention is to educate oneself about what drugs are out there and what risks are currently facing loved ones. It’s impossible to tell anyone else what to expect until someone knows his or herself.

For those who are truly serious about preparing their loved ones though, it’s important to be armed with the proper information and the proper tools. As such, people should know what the drugs are, what they might be called, what’s a risk in their area, and what the effects of the drugs actually are on the body and mind when they’re taken.

Having “The Talk”

When it comes time to talk about drug abuse, there’s no need to beat around the bush. On the other hand though, there’s no reason to be overly authoritative or to make it feel like you’re talking down to your loved ones. The best bet is to have a conversation that’s informative, rather than lecturing them. There has to be back and forth, with the initiator listening just as much as talking.

Establish Trust and Open Channels

When talking about drug abuse prevention with loved ones, a person is doing more than just sharing facts or presenting information. That person is, in point of fact, asking that other person to trust them and to be completely honest with them.

That is no small thing to ask for, and it’s important that the person asking that do so in such a way that their loved ones want to meet them halfway. Ensuring there’s no judgment, and that someone isn’t talking talking down to them, is a good start.

It’s also important to lay out all of the resources available in case someone’s loved ones would rather talk to professionals. Above all though, it’s important to establish that drug abuse happens, but that it isn’t something that they have to hide if it does happen.


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