Do You Need Long Term Drug Rehabilitation?

You didn’t become addicted to drugs overnight and you shouldn’t believe that you will be able to make a full recovery from that addiction overnight either. Unfortunately, for some, drug rehabilitation takes many months or even years in order to fully break the cycle of addiction and stop chronic relapse.

For those who find that they have tried treatment over and over again only to relapse and bounce in an out of residential care, long term drug rehabilitation may be the only suitable and effective solution.

Long term drug rehabilitation focuses on providing clinical drug addiction treatment to those who have chronically relapsed back into addiction despite their efforts to get well and to recover.

These programs are not your typically 30 or 90 day stint in treatment. Long term drug rehabilitation typically lasts at least 6 months and in many cases will last one year or more depending on the individual needs of the recovering addict.

It takes time to re-learn how to stay clean and how to have fun in sobriety. For most addicts, a few months in treatment followed by a few months of aftercare is enough to help them to stay sober but for some, chronic relapse becomes an occurrence that cannot be overlooked or stopped—that is not until they get proper help in a long term drug rehabilitation program that provides sustained care, support and treatment that is conducive to their way of recovering from addiction.

Statistics show that long term drug rehabilitation is the most effective method of treatment and is most likely to end in successful recovery. The chances of staying sober, gaining proper life skills to remain drug free and continuing a life of sobriety long-term are increased significantly when an individual seeks long term drug rehabilitation care.

Do You Need Long Term Rehab?

Not everyone needs long term drug rehabilitation. You may need long term drug rehab if you have tried other methods of treatment, have relapsed many times, do not have sufficient life skills to support yourself on your own or have been addicted to drugs for a very long time. While long term drug rehabilitation is proven effective and welcomes anyone who is addicted and is interested in living a life of sobriety, it can be a costly solution that isn’t always affordable for every addict.

Heroin, methamphetamine and prescription pill addicts often find that long term drug rehabilitation is the ideal solution to their addiction problems because it provides for adequate time to overcome the physical and psychological drug dependence as well as to heal psychologically.

For these major addictions, a few months in treatment is often only enough to touch the tip of the iceberg in treatment and leaves the addict only partially recovered. This is why so many of these individuals tend to relapse almost immediately following treatment.

While long term drug rehabilitation is not always the most affordable choice, it is a safe and effective method of treatment for a wide range of drug addictions. Those who seek this method of rehabilitation are likely to re-enter society as sober, clean and highly functioning individuals who remain sober for a lifetime.


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