Substance Abuse Treatment Programs In California

There are a lot of damaging effects of drug abuse to the body. One of the most common is brain damage. There are certain drugs that can cause severe damage to different portions of the brain that control movement, vision, hearing and cognition. Some of these include aerosol sprays, solvent and other potent medications that can induce varying degrees of damage to the tissues of the brain.

Because of this, drug addiction can lead to mild brain impairment to severe and permanent dementia. These days, a lot of people are already addicted to the use of drugs and other illegal substances. Fortunately, drug abuse programs in California were made in order to provide immediate help and intervention to people who are victims of this kind of addiction. Below are some details about the various drug abuse programs in the state of California.

Facts About Drug Abuse in California

California is considered to be one of the largest states in the United States. It is also considered to be one of the most urbanized locations in the country. It is the home of magnificent cities and breathtaking infrastructures and buildings. However, California also has its downside. One of these is the increasing amount of crimes that are mostly caused by drug users.

Drug Abuse Programs In California

Since drug addiction can cause adverse effects to the brain, it takes away their capacity to think properly. Because of this, a lot of drug abusers do things that are unusual, illegal and irrational once they are under the influence of a substance. Aside from this, most drug addicts also rob and steal as a means to have enough money to support their addiction. A lot of addicts spend all of their income in buying drugs just to make sure that their habit is not stopped.

This tends to make them very poor, which forces them to do illegal acts just to satisfy their craving. As a result, a lot of offenders that are also drug abusers end up being convicted for their unlawful behaviors and offenses. Most of these criminals end up in jail; at the same time, a number of judges refer these addicts to different facilities in California which provides drug abuse programs.

Drug Use, Abuse and Addiction Programs in California

The different facilities in California that provide effective drug abuse programs ensure that their patients are provided with appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for their addiction. One of the goals of these programs is to minimize the expenses in keeping inmates in and out of jail or correctional facilities by doing the same offenses over and over again. Once an addict is taken through the program and has been successfully rehabilitated, it significantly lowers the risk or chance of abusing drugs and being arrested and charged once again.

As for the state of California, it has launched a couple of programs named the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of November 2000 PC 100 Drug Diversion Program. These programs have successfully provided addicts a new chance to start over without the need of going through an incarceration or imprisonment.

However, there are certain requirements needed in order to become eligible in the Drug Diversion Program in California. Some of these requirements include the crime cannot have been violent, they cannot have any prior convictions of the same crime, the individual can’t be on parole or any sort of probation, and the offender can’t have been in this program previously. Enrolling in this type of program can provide a lot of benefits to the drug users and can also cut down the expenses of the state as far as damage caused by these offenders.

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