Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug abuse is recognized to be one of the major problems of many residents in Colorado. In fact, the reported drug abuse cases in Colorado have alarmingly increased in the past few years. However, a lot of addicts in the state are also very willing to receive treatment and undergo the rehabilitation process so as to let go of this very debilitating vice or habit. This is one of the reasons why there is also an increase in the number of facilities that provide drug abuse services to addicted clients. To know more about these drug abuse programs in Colorado, read on.

About Drug Abuse in Colorado

There are actually many reasons behind the upsetting increase of people suffering from drug addiction in the state of Colorado. One of these reasons is due to the abundance of drugs in the state that is caused by the transshipment of various substances to the country via the state of Colorado. Fortunately, there are already a lot of health institutions that cater drug abuse services to clients who are willing to seek treatment. Most of these facilities or institutions are private-owned or managed by the government.

Because more and more people become victims of this kind of abuse, the state of Colorado has seen the importance or the demand of the various drug abuse programs. This urged the officials to hold campaigns in promoting drug abuse programs especially in cities and towns where drug addiction is very rampant.

Drug Abuse Programs In Colorado

Because of this, the state was able to get a check worth $8.3 million to support the programs that are against this type of addiction. This financial support came from the National Department for Human Services. The money was then used in boosting the efforts made by the state’s department in building abuse programs for addicts in Colorado.

Facts about the Rehabilitation Facilities and Drug Abuse Programs in Colorado – Most of the facilities and centers that provide these programs are mainly owned by private sectors. One example of this is the Addiction Research and Treatment Facility. This rehabilitation center aims to alleviate the addict’s dependence on drugs and enhance or improve the client’s ways of living.

This is usually carried out by implementing various tests and methods that are tried and tested by experts. Aside from this, these programs are also used in research studies. This makes these programs reliable and effective in treating the addiction of clients to drugs.

The ARTS Center has been in the business for more than three decades. Until now, it is still considered to be one of the most reliable drug abuse facilities in the state. It offers inpatient and as well as outpatient treatment facilities for drug addicts and other individuals who are very dependent on abusive substances.

Aside from this, the facility also provides separate interventions and programs for men, women, adolescents and families. This center operates under the substance abuse division of the University of Colorado. This is one of the reasons why it can provide cutting edge technology in delivering services and treatment to drug-abusive clients.

Aside from this, the high tech facilities in Colorado have also helped reduced the number of deaths that are associated to the use of illicit drugs. Another facility in the state that has effectively helped many residents recover from their addiction is the Harmony Foundation.

Harmony Foundation is located in Estes Park in Colorado and has been one of the top producers of quality mental care for clients that are addicted to drugs and other substances. The facility has been operating for 42 years already and is able to cater the needs of all drug addicts regardless of their financial condition or status.

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