Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In Vermont

Drug and substance abuse has become an obstinate problem and a constant threat to life in the modern world. If you are engaged in drug and substance addiction, the best thing to do is to seek the help of a drug abuse program. There are many drug abuse programs in Vermont that offer recovery and addiction programs.

Drug abuse is a problem that is hard to manage on your own. You must seek services of medical personnel and professional counselors to free yourself of the habit. In Vermont, there are many numbers of recovery centers that offer drug abuse programs recognized and approved by the Department of Health of Vermont.

Some of these centers offer only outpatient services while others include only inpatient or both inpatient and outpatient programs. A number of these programs also provide detoxification services. The program that will suit you best will depend on the nature and intensity of your addiction. You can also seek professional services 800-234-8334 to decide on the program you should enroll into.

Counseling Service of Addison County – The center offers outpatient programs. It provides counseling and therapy, screening and evaluation and referral to other services.

Drug Abuse Programs in Vermont

Maple Leaf Farm – Located in Chittenden, Vermont, this center offers residential and detoxification programs. Services include detoxification, education, individual and group counseling, referral and aftercare. The costs include sliding fee, private pay, insurance, Medicaid (Vermont).

HowardCenter Adult Mental Health & SA Services – Located in Burlington, VT, this facility offers outpatient, intensive outpatient, adolescent and Project Crash programs. It provides chemical dependency assessment, family, group or individual therapy, intervention and referral.

Lund Family Center – It is a Residential and Community Treatment Program. Offers adolescent and outpatient programs for women only.

HowardCenter the Chittenden Center – This center specifically offers Pharmacological treatment for Opiate Addiction (Methadone).

HowardCenter Act One/ Bridge Program – Located in Berlington, VT, this facility offers residential and detoxification programs.

Baart Behavioral Health Services (Orleans/ Essex/ Caledonia) – This center combines medical care, in the form of suboxone or another method, with behavioral treatment. Each program includes counseling, group therapy, drug education, comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment, referral and aftercare. The programs are meant for individuals addicted to cocaine, methadone, methamphetamine, oxycontin and other opioids, marijuana, alcohol or other substances. No adolescent programs are available.

Tri-County Substance Abuse Services (Orleans/ Essex/ Caledonia) – Offers adolescent programs, outpatient and intensive outpatient and Project Crash programs. Emergency services available 2 hours a day. This facility also provides group therapy, counseling, information and referral.

Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont – Located at Windsor, this facility offers adolescent, outpatient and intensive outpatient and Project Crash programs.

Habit OpCo – Located at Windham, this facility specializes in methadone treatment.

Clara Martin Center – Quitting Time: Located at Windsor, the facility offers intensive outpatient programs. The structured program of the center includes assessment, education and a physical and group therapy. The program is meant for patients who do not require inpatient or residential programs. Program is conducted Monday- Friday, 5-9 PM. The course spans over 20 sessions in 4 weeks. A three month aftercare program is also provided.

Conifer Park – An out of state residential facility located in Glenville, NY. Provides comprehensive treatment of substance abuse and alcoholism. The program includes detoxification, intermediate care, family care and continuing care.

For a more comprehensive list of the Drug Abuse Programs in Vermont, please call the number above. You can see that there are various types of help available, and thus the need to locate the proper facility that is qualified in handling your specific situation.

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