Learn About a Drug Addiction Intervention

Helping a loved one overcome addiction to drugs can be a challenging process for everyone involved but it can also prove to be a very rewarding process as well. Intervention can motivate an individual to get professional help for their drug addiction despite a fear, ill desire or other intention to stay away from treatment. The first step to a drug addiction intervention is to gain a better understanding of how interventions work, why they are important and what you can expect.

How Interventions Work

Interventions can work in various ways but typically, an intervention takes place when a group of family members or loved ones who want the addict to get help come together and devise a plan to get the addict to accept treatment. A drug addiction intervention includes the following steps which are each very detailed in scope:

  • Planning
  • Gathering information with an interventionist
  • Planning an intervention team to get together to intervene upon the individual and his or her addiction to drugs
  • Setting consequences and giving ultimatums
  • Writing down what needs to be stated to the addict
  • The intervention itself during which the addict and the intervention team meet face to face and the intervention takes place
  • Following up to ensure that the addict has sought proper treatment for the addiction

Why Interventions are Important

Interventions are very important when an addict has let his or her drug addiction begin to negatively impact the lives of those around them. When family members and friends are negatively impacted as a result of the addiction to drugs, a drug addiction intervention is one of the best ways to put a stop to the chaos and get things back on track.

Interventions are carefully planned to bring the loved ones of the addict together with the addict and an interventionist who can help to confront the individual about the addiction and the consequences of not getting help.

For some families, the intervention is the final chance that the family is giving to the individual before cutting all ties. Most of the time, families and friends who stage an intervention are already fed up with the behaviors of the addict and feel like there is no hope left—the intervention is the last hope for help which is why they are so important.

What You Can Expect

You should be prepared to expect many challenges when it comes to getting someone to accept treatment for drug addiction. Most importantly, don’t expect that the individual will definitely accept the help because there are times when an intervention simply doesn’t work—however most of the time, when an intervention is staged correctly, and when the family and loved ones of the addict give real ultimatums that they stick to no matter what, even if the immediate intervention is not effective, many addicts will make the decision to seek help later on.

Most importantly, you can expect to know that you took your best shot at getting the individual who you care about the help that they need by staging a drug addiction intervention with the help of a professional interventionist as well as other friends or family members of the addict.



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