Meth Vaccine Can Help Fight Addiction

Meth addiction is one of the greatest criminal and medical issues facing the nation today. It is a highly addictive drug that is relatively easy to create in hidden labs all over the nation.

Sadly, so far there is no effective drug to help people who are struggling to get rid of that addiction. However, there has recently been some promising research into a vaccine for meth which will greatly aid in addiction treatment.

Meth PipeThe Meth Problem

In many parts of the country, meth addiction is the largest public health and criminal crisis facing local officials. Meth is highly addictive, with many people becoming chemically dependent on it much faster than other drugs.

Along with the extreme rush of energy, meth prevents the body from regulating its temperature causing it rise. It also has an extremely negative effect on teeth, causing them to soften and decay much quicker than normal.

The drug is created by many illegal labs run by gangs or individual dealers in all sorts of settings. This is highly risky since it is a highly volatile procedure and there are scores of stories where a meth lab explodes, often destroying neighboring property. With its highly addictive nature it also drives crime rates as people take to theft to gain the money to feed their habit.

What does it do?

The vaccine, which is currently going through tests on rats, works by preventing the chemicals in meth that produce the high from reaching the brain. In tests by the pharmaceutical company TSRI, rats that have had the vaccine do not have the increased energy levels and body temperature when exposed to meth.

The vaccine works much like traditional vaccines against diseases by introducing a similar substance to the immune system so that the body learns to block the molecules that cause the negative reaction.

This is a new field of research for drug addiction treatments. While meth has been much more difficult and it wasn’t until November of 2012 that there was an announcement of a potential breakthrough in animal testing, there are vaccines to combat nicotine and cocaine addiction that has made it to clinical testing.

What comes next?

While this is a promising development, right now there are still problems with the vaccine that need to be addressed for it to be really effective. One of the major problems is that in its current form the vaccine does not have a long life.

With the current form of the vaccine, it requires four doses spread out over 12 weeks. The authors of the study are hopeful that as they continue work that they will be able to make a dose last for months per dose.

This is extremely important as there is a good chance that many of the people that will need the vaccine will not be covered by a health insurance plan, and a longer vaccine life also increases efficiency as it is not as reliant on the patient keeping up with the treatment schedule.

There is also a meth antibody that is in development too. Rather than condition the immune system to fight the effect of meth on the body, with this procedure, the antibodies are created in a lab setting and then injected into the animal to prevent meth from having an effect on the body.

The major downside of this method is that it can be extremely expensive, with a single dose potentially costing thousands of dollars to create, and for a large scale public health issue like meth addiction that hurts its potential to be a widespread tool.

Methamphetamine Addictions

An addiction to meth is a serious situation that requires quick help and assistance. People who become addicted to methamphetamine may find that the longer they suffer the addiction, the harder it eventually becomes for them to kick the habit.

The best possible way to overcome a meth addiction is with professional help from a substance abuse treatment center. There are a wide variety of different treatment facilities around the country, each offering a unique set of treatment programs and concepts for someone suffering from a substance abuse problem.

The key is to find a methamphetamine based substance abuse recovery program so that you can get help for the specific problem that you are dealing with. The right help and support can go so far in providing you with a foundation for healing and personal growth. Reach out today and get the help that you need.



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